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Community Impact Grants

SCF Community Impact Grants -March 1st to April 28th, 2023 

Community Impact Grants are made by the Sarnia Community Foundation once per calendar year.

Please review these granting guidelines carefully prior to completing an application form as applications that do not fall within the guidelines or criteria will not be considered for funding.

Preference is given to innovative ideas and initiatives which:

  • Encourage networking and collaboration among organizations
  • Demonstrate innovative or interdisciplinary approaches
  • Reflect diversity and inclusivity
  • Work towards meeting one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Emphasize prevention rather than remediation

Community Impact Grants are awarded for definite purposes and should be complete or take place within the project period of July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. Pilot or demonstration projects must include provision for evaluation and a realistic plan for financial viability beyond the pilot stage to be considered for funding

To be eligible to receive a grant, organizations must:

  • Be a qualified donee as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency. Generally, that means your organization is a charitable organization, amateur athletic association or municipality registered with the Government of Canada.
  • Be in operation at least one full year prior to application.
  • Provide services that directly benefit the citizens of Lambton County
  • Receive volunteer support from the community
  • Submit all the requested information with the application

The following are NOT eligible for grants from the community grants programme:

  • Annual Fund drives
  • Debt reduction
  • Direct religious or political activities
  • Endowment funds
  • Projects, programs or expenses that will be incurred before the grant decision takes place

Note for Not-for-Profits: Not-for-profits that are not registered charities can apply for grants if they are working with a qualified donee that will act as an intermediary. SCF must receive a copy of the board resolution defining and accepting the intermediary relationship with the application. The relationship must be in existence prior to the application being filed and there must be a clear and logical working relationship between the two organizations.  If the application is successful, the Foundation issues the grant cheque to the qualified donee which, in turn, agrees to provide funding for the not-for-profit organization for a specific task or program supervised by the intermediary.

 Application and Grant Process:

  1. All applicants must complete the SCF grant application form and include all the required documents as listed.  Applicants are required to submit One copy of the application form.
  2. An email or letter acknowledging the receipt of the completed application will be sent.
  3. All applications that include the requested material and that meet the guidelines outlined above are sent to the community grants review team for their review. The committee meets in person within one month of the application deadline for the first review of the applications.
  4. The review team may opt to recommend projects at the first meeting or may request further information. A meeting with the SCF grants review team or staff may be required should the review team require more information about the application, the project or the organization.
  5. After completing their review of the applications, the grants review team makes a recommendation of grant recipients to the SCF Board of Directors. Any recommendation for funding requires a majority vote of approval by the Grants committee.
  6. The Board of Directors makes the final decisions regarding funding based upon the committee’s recommendations and the funds available.
  7. Contact regarding the status of the application will be made following the SCF Board’s approval of grant recipients.  This can be up to 4 months following the closing date for applications.
  1. Successful applicants are notified by letter which will include an agreement setting out terms and conditions of the grant to be signed and returned to the Foundation before funds are released. A follow up report is required within six months.
  2. Those applicants that are declined are informed in writing. The decision of the Board is final.
  3. Applicants chosen to receive a grant must:
    • Provide any documentation required by the Foundation to prove the grant funds were allocated to the project applied for (e.g. receipts, minutes, bank statement etc.)
    • Be available for photos, interviews or any other promotional activities as arranged by the Foundation (e.g. banquets, award ceremonies, media interviews, etc.)
    • Publicize the grant by including the Foundation logo in all media material related to the project or programme funded
    • Provide the Foundation with a follow up report in a timely fashion
    • Acknowledge the Foundation as a funder during the fiscal year in which they receive the grant. This should include the use of the SCF logo and an invitation for SCF to meet with the organization board of directors.

Please submit:

ONE copy of the Applicant Information (Part A) and ONE Copy of the requested supporting documents listed on that form and One copy of your Project Information Form(Part B), while we are not accepting  PDF applications, we would appreciate that you send us a PDF of Part B to [email protected].     All applications must be received by the deadline at the Foundation office:

Sarnia Community Foundation, 109 Durand St.  Sarnia    ON   N7T 5A1

DEADLINE:  4:00 pm   Friday, April 28th, 2023

The Grant Review Team will not consider an application received after the deadlines.

Do not package the application in folders or bind the copies. Double sided single stapled copies are preferred. Only the application and the supporting documents requested will be considered in the process. All other material is removed and recycled.

While we are not accepting  PDF applications, we would appreciate that you send us a PDF of Part B to [email protected].

The Sarnia Community Foundation is a public foundation operating under the charitable number 119227452 RR0001 and serving the communities that make up Lambton County.  Our vision is a vibrant, inclusive livable Lambton County. We work with donors to establish and maintain endowed funds that generate income and interest to provide grants to charities working in the local area.

The Sarnia Community Foundation has a privacy policy that protects personal information.  Any personal information requested or received as a result of this application will only be used to assist with the assessment of the grant application. One copy of the application form and supporting documents will be kept for audit purposes for a period of up to seven years. All other information submitted will be destroyed

For further information, please contact the Foundation Grant Administrator

Phone: 519 332 2588      E-mail: [email protected]