Become a Foundation Volunteer

If you are interested in learning more about the community and the impact the Foundation has then we might be the volunteer opportunity for you. Please call the office for details or download an application and submit it to the SCF office.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events

We're always looking to further knowledge about SCF through special events. Some events support our agency funds, some support our operation and some support other causes in the communities we serve. If you have a great idea for a party that can benefit the community, we'd like to hear from you. Flexible hours up to the day of the event.

Filing and general office work

Office hours only.

Finance & Audit Committee

Committee members are needed to provide advice to the Foundation regarding the Foundation's financial policies, financial function and compliance with accepted standards. The committee also plays a role in our investment oversight strategy and advises the board regarding the performance of our discretionary fund manager. Quarterly meetings are required.

Grants Committee

This group of volunteers reviews applications made to the Foundation during the community grants process. Meetings are held in May, June, September and October on an as needed basis. Much of the work involves reading and assessing applications before making recommendations to the Foundation Board. The terms of reference for this committee ask that 3 to 5 members at a large be appointed annually for a term of up to five years.

Governance Committee

The members of this committee oversee the compliance of the Foundation with the regulations that govern us, provide substance to the policies and procedures of the Foundation and help direct the ongoing work of strategic planning.

Board Members

Our continued success depends on the personal commitment and active involvement of a group of 12 individuals, who embrace the privilege to serve and the responsibility to lead as members of the Foundation Board. Board members are expected to be zealous advocates on our behalf, enthusiastic communicators of our mission and vision, and to play an integral role in our fund development, fundraising activities and community leadership initiatives.

Under the terms of the legislation that created the Foundation, an external nominating committee reviews applications and makes the final appointment.

Board terms are three years in length and up to four positions become available each calendar year. The Foundation strives to have a Board that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.chair thanks retiree

 Further information on the opportunity is available from the Foundation office.