Explore Our Funds

Endowment building is one of the ways we work to enrich the community. Donors can choose from an established fund or create a new fund that reflects their interests. Already established funds include:

SCF Community Fund

Established in 1983, this fund is comprised of donations large and small from many donors through the years. It is the primary source of funds for the annual community grants.

Within the community fund a number of families have chosen to have a named fund. The income from these funds are also directed towards community grants in accordance with the donor's instructions.

  • Link Family Fund
  • Graydon and Bell Baines Family Fund
  • Kingsley and Madeline Mahon Family Fund
  • Stuart and Louise Sullivan Family Fund
  • Jean and Harold Hunter Family Fund
  • Douglas & Evelyn Barber Fund
  • Dick & Isabelle Ford Family Fund
  • John & Barbara McNeill Fund
  • Director's Fund
  • Cheryl and John DeGroot Family Fund
  • David and Miriam Glew  Family Fund
  • Joan and Ted Fullerton Family Fund
  • Jeff Burchill and Anne West Family Fund
  • Gayle and Don Fysh Family Fund
  • Carl Shaw and Virgina Dizon Memorial Fund
  • Don Hislop Memorial Fund
  • Chobrda Family Fund
  • Jim and Judy Brady Fund
  • Andrea Wist and Christ Hogan Fund
  • 5th Child Fund


Donor Advised and Designated Funds

The donor advises the Foundation which organizations are to receive a grant from the grantable portion of the income generated by their endowed funds. Donors may choose the recipient from grant applications received by the Foundation, give direction for continuing disbursements to a charity or charities, or work with the Foundation staff to make a grant decision on an annual basis.

  • Rozema Family Fund
  • Charles and Alexander Mackenzie Fund
  • Hall Family Fund
  • NOVA Chemicals Fund
  • Grogan Family Fund
  • Les & Deborah McDermott Fund
  • E.C. Fleming Family Fund
  • William and Barbara Palmer Family Fund
  • Gerry & Joanne Hines Family Fund
  • Tom and Maxine Kenny Family Fund
  • Bernard and Maureen Wiechula Fund
  • Sarnia Heavy Construction Fund
  • Steeves and Rozema Fund
  • MOJEN Fund
  • Catterson Family Fund
  • Bob and Helen Noble Fund
  • Grant and Cheryl McKenzie Fund
  • JASA Fund
  • Hogan Family Fund
  • Soparkar Family Fund
  • Shannon Family Fund
  • Val & Rany Xanthopoulo Family Fund
  • Ruth Ann Windover Fund
  • Adam Dumond Fund
  • Norma and Don Moore Fund
  • Cassin Family Fund
  • Paradox Fund
  • Jamie and Mary Pole Family Fund
  • The Clark Family Fund
  • Jean MacDougall Fund for Women in Politics
  • Murray Family Fund
  • The John Rozema Estate Fund
  • Silvana and Les Cservik Family Fund


Community Endowment Funds

A municipal agency or town works with the Foundation to begin its own Community Fund. SCF becomes the asset manager and assists with fund raising but all decisions regarding grants and spending of the income generated would be in the hands of the local community. Within the Community Endowment Fund any of the other types of funds could be established, meaning that the donors would be able to direct donations and individual endowed funds to the community they reside in.

Petrolia Community Fund

Within the Petrolia Community Fund are a number of designated funds

  • The Victoria Playhouse Fund
  • The Oil Heritage District Community Centre Fund
  • Petrolia Special Projects Fund

Field-of-Interest Funds

The donor defines the charitable field of interest to which the income from this fund will be directed. Funds have been established in the area of Children and Youth, Health, Education, Social Services, the Environment and Arts and Culture.


Children & Youth

  • Botma Family Fund
  • McKay Family Fund
  • Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth
  • Donald Steeves Family Fund
  • Golden K 20th Anniversary Legacy Fund
  • Sarnia Lambton Golden K Youth Leadership Development Fund


  • Doc's on Ice Fund
  • Dow President's Honour Club Fund
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Endowment

Environmental Fund

Arts & Culture

  • Charles and Alexander Mackenzie Fund for the Mackenzie Artifacts

Social Services

  • Dow Social Fund

Marceil Saddy Operating Fund

A gift to the Foundation from the late Marceil Saddy created the Operations fund. The income from this fund is used for the operation of the Foundation office thereby increasing the amount available for grants to the community from other funds.

Agency Endowment Funds

  • YMCA of Sarnia Lambton Legacy Fund-
    • The Earl McKeough Fund is a component of the Y fund
  • Lambton Wildlife Land Stewardship Fund
  • Lawrence House Centre for the Arts Fund
  • The Inn of the Good Shepherd Fund
    • The  Dorothy Rogers Memorial Fund supports the Inn
  • Women's Interval Home Fund -
    • The Ruby Mott Memorial Fund supports WIH
  • Grace United Church Fund -
    • The Ken Plumley Fund supports Grace United
    • The Tom Murray Fund  supports Grace United
    • The Gwen Hopper Fund supports Grace United
    • Tom and Donna Moore Fund supports Grace United
  • Dow Centre for Youth Fund
  • 403 Wing/Golden Hawk Fund
  • Golden K Legacy Fund
  • Petrolia Rotary Club Fund
  • St. Joseph's Hospice Fund
  • Rayjon Share Care
  • International Symphony Orchestra Fund
  • Organization for Literacy Fund
  • Lambton Mental Wellness Fund
  • Theatre Sarnia Fund

Flow Through Funds

These funds are held by the Foundation for specific time limited projects and programmes in the community.

  • Moffatt Scholarship Fund
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul Sarnia Lambton Particular Council Scholarship
  • Sarnia 100 Fund
  • The Sarnia Awesome Foundation Fund
  • Wyoming Minor Baseball Association Fund
  • Sarnia Arena Revitalization Fund
  • Gloria Dawn McLeod Award
  • DOW Canada Community Grants Fund
  • Parents for Parks Petrolia
  • Lambton Active People Place

Legacy Gifts

The Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of a number of planned legacy gifts from donors who intend to leave a portion of their estate to the community causes that inspired them during their life time. Many donors have opted to add to an existing fund or make gifts to a number of already established funds. Some donors have chosen to establish their fund now so that they can shepherd the gifts during their lifetime and experience the joy of giving back to their community and some have made provision with the SCF to support their favorite cause through their estate.

These folks are part of a group known as The Lambton Circle (TLC) as their generosity and planning will allow them to care for the community for years to come. It doesn't take a lot of money to be part of this group... just a little planning. SCF is able to help individuals, their families and their advisors make a gift that will really last forever.