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Every grant SCF makes tells a story of a need that is filled and touches many lives. Chances are you have been touched by a grant from SCF  and didn't  realize that we had that helped another organization do its work.

You might be someone who got the skills and the training needed because of a scholarship. You might have attended a grief programme, been helped through trauma,learned how to cook, been able to access a play structure, been to the Y, been to the Theatre or a concert.  You may have sat on a bench on the Howard Watson Trail, on stones by a splash pad, or rested under a tree we paid for. Your might have walked or biked a trail , enjoyed the beach or played pickleball  on a newly renovated court. You might have been to a medical appointment, received help from a food bank, or with mental health issues.  And if it wasn’t you, it might have been your neighbour or your friend.kenwick on the lake Bike

These are the types of  things that make this a vibrant, inclusive, livable community. That’s what we fund.

Since 1983 we've returned more than 5 million dollars to our community .





 Community Concerns for the Medically Fragile- Hands on Art Program - $5,00

Benches for the Howard Watson Trail refurbishment.

A grant from donor The Bernard and Maureen Wiechula Fund allows the Inn of

A grant of Twenty Five Thousand ($25,000.00) dollars from the Sarnia Community Fo