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Petrolia Community Fund

General Information:

Grants made through the Petrolia Community Fund range between $200.00 and $1500.00. The Committee and the Fund Administrator may consider requests for more significant amounts. Still, they will require additional documentation and may be directed by the Sarnia Community Foundation’s Community Impact Grant Process.

Projects funded must impact the Petrolia area directly. Grants are made on a one-time basis. Previous funding does not guarantee additional funds will be granted for the same project or programme in subsequent years.

The application must be submitted online by November 30th, 2023, at 4 pm as follows:

Petrolia Town staff are not involved in the selection process.

All questions should be directed to the Fund Administrator @ [email protected] or 519-332-2588
Late submissions WILL not be considered.

The following are NOT eligible for microgrants:

  • Annual Fund drives
  • Travel costs
  • Building campaigns
  • Debt reduction Political activities
  • Endowment funds
  • Direct religious activities
  • Projects, programs, or expenses will be completed or incurred before December 15th, 2021.

GRANTS will be awarded in January 2023.

Applicants who choose to receive a grant must:

  • Provide any documentation required by the Fund Administrator to prove the grant funds were allocated to the project (e.g., receipts, minutes, bank statements etc.)
  • Be available for photos, interviews or any other promotional activities as arranged by the Foundation (e.g., banquets, award ceremonies, media interviews, etc.) This may include speaking about the grant’s impact in a short video.
  • Acknowledge the Petrolia Community Fund as a funder during the fiscal year in which they receive the grant

By filling out the the application, the applicant agrees to comply with the expectations of grant recipients detailed in this application and gives The Fund permission to publish grant agency information, including names related to the grant.

Grant applications, which are not approved, will remain confidential.

The Sarnia Community Foundation administers the Petrolia Community Fund.