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We’re Here To Help

Make a lasting impact with a donation to a fund at SCF or start one of your own.

Ways to Give

  • Visit us in person and donate via cash, cheque, credit card, or to discuss other ways to donate
  • Mail your donation to our office. We’ll make sure your donation is applied to the causes you care about most.
  • Donate securely online. We use the services of Canada Helps to process on line donations by credit card. Click the donate now button to get started.
  • Call the office at 519-332-2588 to have us process your credit card donation directly
  • To E-transfer, use [email protected].
  • Please call 519 332 2588 or email [email protected] to confirm your information so we can issue the correct receipt.
  • Transfer securities to SCF – the form you need can be downloaded via the button below or call the office and we’ll send you a copy.
  • Make a gift of life insurance- Your insurance advisor can help
  • Leave a gift in your will (and avoid taxes even after you’re gone)- Your lawyer can help ensure your wishes are carried out

When to Give

Give Now

An outright gift to SCF or a fund of SCF is the simplest way to make an impact immediately and forever.

Give Later

Deferred gifts can be managed in a number of ways, and SCF staff can help you plan for the future.

Start a Fund

Starting a fund with Sarnia Community Foundation is easy and can be completed in less than an hour by answering a few simple questions. 90% of the funds at SCF have begun with a modest donation, including several with a 20 dollar monthly commitment. Continued donations and our careful investment strategy have built those funds over time. All that is required is a commitment to add to the fund on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Having your own fund means that the recommendations you make as a fund advisor benefit our community in ways that matter most to you. today, tomorrow, forever.

If you don’t see something you’d like to support in our list of already established funds, we’d be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

Our team pays close attention to the needs in our communities and can recommend giving options, and granting opportunities that will help you make a difference right now and in the future.