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Society of Saint Vincent de Paul / J&J Y Trades Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines

The scholarship guidelines are listed here for prospective recipients to review prior to completing an application form.

You must …

  1. Be enrolled and attending classes at a college recognized by and funded by the respective provincial government with the intent of pursuing a career in the trades or other college certification or have applied and will be attending classes in the coming semester.
  2. Be a resident of Lambton County;
  3. Be a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant;
  4. Have financial need as demonstrated by the application document;
  5. Provide evidence of community involvement.

Application & Payment Process

  1. Mail or deliver a paper copy of your application to the Foundation office 109 Durand St., Sarnia ON N7T 5A1 before the deadline of March 30th (if the 30th is a weekend day then the deadline moves to the next business day). Emailed copies cannot be accepted.
  2. Once SCF has the application:
    • An email acknowledging the receipt of the application will be sent.
    • All applications are forwarded for consideration to the Scholarship Committee.
    • The Scholarship Committee may contact your references and may also contact you if they need more information.
    • Successful applicants are notified after the decision is made by phone and email. The award will be made by cheque to the recipient or to the academic institution as determined by the recipient.
  3. The award will be made once confirmation of enrollment is received. Scholarships are awarded on the understanding that the funds will be used to cover the cost of attending a programme of studies and may be directed to the academic institution.
  4. Funds will be released at a mutually agreed date and time to be determined by the Scholarship Committee and the Sarnia Community Foundation. Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the presentation in person.
  5. The award may be renewable subject to satisfactory performance and reapplication.

For more information, contact the Grants Administrator
Please contact our office if you require assistance filling out the application.
Phone: 519-332-2588 or Email: [email protected]

The Sarnia Community Foundation has a privacy policy that protects personal information. Any personal information requested on this application will only be used to assist with the assessment of the application. A copy of the application form and supporting documents may be kept for audit purposes.